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DWP-1257 Variable Speed Wet Stone Polisher has new features to perform better than ever. These improvements include variable speed control switch with an automatic speed feed-back system to maintain consistent RPMS with or without a load. This makes it easier for users to see clearly the correspondence between RPM and the switch position they choose to do their polishing job. Furthermore, DWP-1257 has optimized the gear ratio, increased its torque output, makes the job for the operator much easier and efficient.

The DWS-125 5” Wet Stone Cutter can be used for straight of curve wet cutting of stones with diamond saw blades. Diameter size of cutting disc is 5”.It can cut slabs of up to 3mm in thickness. It comes with Fault Circuit Interrupter for safety protection, center water feed, 10 feet water hose with connector to garden water ,flanges for contour blades and straight cutting guide.


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