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Monolayer Vacuum Brazed Router Bits

DAMO Monolayer Vacuum Brazed Router Bits are suitable for profiling softer stones such as marbles, or used as the position #2 for profiling hard stones such as granites. They are very aggressive and can perform in almost half the time of sintered bond router bits. Since these Router Bits never lose their shape, it can be used to correct the profile made by a worn out sintered bond router bit. These bits are versatile and will perform well, when used with water on most portable routers with speeds ranging from 5,000 to 11,000 RPM.

Both M8 and M10 bolts are included to fit all standard portable stone routers. It includes Position #1 and Position #2 bits in the most popular profiles: Full Bullnose, Demi-Bullnose, Ogee and etc. for 3cm(1-1/4”) or 2cm(3/4”) material. Contact us for a special custom shape or different thickness.

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