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Diamond Contour Blades

DAMO Contour Blade works great on all curved cutting applications such as sink holes, for granite, engineered stone and harder types of marble.

The side protection segments are specially designed on both sides of the blade to prevent undercutting caused by curved cutting, and to assist the blades cutting ability to cut curved areas cleanly as well as grind away material to make a wider kerf, allowing the blade to make tighter radiuses. We recommend using the DAMO Hand Profiler Z-Series after you cut a sink hole.

The DAMO Contour Blade can be used either wet or dry. It is versatile and fits on most common angle grinders and stone cutters. Arbor diameter is 7/8", reduced to 5/8" with a washer (included). Available in 5". Always wear personal safety equipment when cutting.

A DWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter is recommended for cutting radius of undermount sinks.


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