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Diamond Grinding Wheel

DAMO Turbo Grinding Wheels are designed for profiling edges, smoothing out inside sinkhole cuts, smoothing rough surfaces, preparation of material for lamination and heavy stock removal.

They perform exceptionally aggressive and endurable due to the latest “Vacuum Brazed Technology” and the turbo design. They are the premium choice for any grinding, shaping or beveling work of concrete, granite, and other stones.

They are designed for dry applications but work very well during wet applications. They can be used on most popular high-speed angle grinders with 5/8"-11 threaded spindles.

The coarse type (diamond grits 30/40) is used for aggressive grinding. The medium type (diamond grits 70/80) is for slower grinding action.

DAMO Flat Grinding Wheels are designed for lightweight grinding and shaping work on marbles and granites. They can be used for cutting application as well. Adopting the “Vacuum Brazed Technology”, they provide fast stock removal with little or no operator fatigue. They are versatile and long lasting.

Available in 4" and 5" size with a coarse or medium grit, DAMO Flat Grinding Wheels fit on most common angle grinders and wet polishers with 5/8"-11 threaded spindles. They can be used wet or dry.


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