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Diamond Dry Turbo Blades

Designed for dry cutting applications, DAMO Dry Turbo Blades is a premium diamond blade that can be used for cutting granite, engineered stone, marble, and other hard materials efficiently and quickly. It fits on most angle grinders and wet stone cutters. The high performance design of the turbo edge, which is made with the highest quality diamond grit and matrix, safely provides “chip-free” cutting and longer life. Whether you are cutting 1-1/4” granite slab or the hardest cured concrete, DAMO Dry Turbo Blade is the ultimate diamond blade for your most demanding applications.

The diamond segments on the inside of the steel core (protection segments) are specially designed to avoid the wear on the steel core caused by the unstable cutting when you cut manually, and also prevent undercutting. The protection segments will make your cutting application easier and more stable.

Do not use a slow RPM power tool, it will cause the blade’s cutting edge to become out-of-round or create premature wear on the blade. Use of water will prolong the life of the dry cutting blade as well as eliminate the dust.


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