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Diamond Saw Blades

Saw Blades

The Diamond Contour Blades are used with angle grinders or stone cutters,for cutting curves such as sink holes on granite. Wet cutting with a proper personal safety equipment is recommended. Arbor diameter is 7/8", reduced to 5/8" with a washer (included). Available in 5". A DWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter is recommended for cutting radius of undermount sinks.

Our Dry Turbo Blades can be used for faster cutting of hard marble, granite, tile, brick, refractory and ceramic products. Use dry or wet. Bore size is 7/8" to 5/8" with a washer(included).

The Notched Rim Diamond Blades conserve gemstone materials and hold waste to a minimum. This makes them the ideal choice for precious materials such as sapphire, jade, ruby and opal. The notched rim blades cut twice the speed of ordinary lapidary blades. The Ultra-thin rim cuts with little chipping and leaves a remarkably smooth surface requiring less polishing time



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