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Diamond Core Drill Bits

DAMO Core Drill Bits are designed for drilling the faucet-mounting holes in countertops and vanities. It can be used to make clean rounded corners for square or rectangular sinkholes. It can also be adapted for use in construction trades wherever holes are needed for water, gas and electrical piping, especially when natural stone, concrete or ceramic tile is already installed. We recommend a template be used when drilling free-hand and a scrap piece of stone be clamped under the stone to prevent excessive chipping on the backside of the stone.

DAMO Core Drill Bit provides the best cutting performance and can drill through the toughest 1-1/4” granite or engineered stone countertop.It can be used dry, but use of water will prolong the lifetime. The 5/8”-11 arbor fits on most drills and polishing tools in the marketplace today.


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