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Seam Setter

6-inch Seam Setter for Seam Joining & Leveling / Professional Countertop Installation

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-Achieve the finest seams for professional countertop installers;
-Two 6-inch hand pump vacuum suction cups for reliable hold;
-Two fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise leveling;
-A fine-tuned adjustable knob for seam joining or opening;
-Made with long-lasting stainless steel components and aluminum tightening handles for heavy-duty stone tops.

DAMO 6-inch Seam Setters are professional seam setters which work on smooth and non-porous surfaces for joining seams.It features two 6" hand pump vacuum suction cups to hold the countertops firmly with ease, two fine-tuned adjustable knobs to make leveling precisely and a fine-tuned adjustable knob for seam joining or opening. The durable stainless steel and aluminum made components make it long-lasting and ideal for heavy-duty stone tops. Use two seam setters to achieve the best result on countertop slabs seaming with ease.

How to use 6” Seam Setter
1: Place the fixed (left) suction cup on the left slab. Place the movable (right) suction cup on the right slab.
2: Pump the plunger until the suction cup attaches completely.
3: To join the seam, turn the side knob counter clockwise until you are satisfied with a seamless appearance.
4: To level the slabs, make sure one of the blue head under the top knob is on the higher side of the seam and turn the top knob clockwise until the slabs are leveled. Usually you only need to use one top knob to level. Use two when there are any expanding needs.
5: Lift the rubber tab on the edge of the suction cup to release the suction after seam has been completed.

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