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Semi-Rigid Back Holder

4" Semi-Rigid Back Holder

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-Made out of rubber and used for curves and bullnoses;
-Used on polishers and grinders with 5/8-11 threaded spindles;
-Fit diamond polishing pads of same or larger sizes;
-Allows for a fast switching between pads with Velcro backing;
-Back holder thread 5/8"-11 fits most polisher.

Back holders are designed to fit diamond polishing pads of same or larger sizes. The polishing pads with velcro backing could be attached to any back holders easily and allows for a fast switching between different grit size. Connect a back holder to the polisher, and attach a polishing pad to the back holder. When attached to a semi-rigid or super flex back holder, the pad can be used to polish curves and Bullnose edges. When attached to a rigid back holder or aluminum back holder, the pad can be used to polish flat areas and straight edges. For tight areas such as corners, we recommend using an undersized back holder to give the pads more flexibility.

You may buy seperately our adapter 5/8"-11 to M14 to use with power tools with M14 thread spindle.

I used this, in addition to diamond polishing pads, for polishing the ends of granite tile for a kitchen countertop. It worked perfectly and the granite tile "polished ends" match up with the factory-polished ends very well. Nice for adding a bit of a bevel to your tile also. Finding a "variable-speed angle grinder" was harder (small town here) and you will need one of those for a job like this.
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