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8" Vacuum Suction Cup / Lifter With ABS Handle for Granite & Glass

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-Load capacity: 150 lbs. per cup;Comes with a carrying case for free;
-Fast attachment on smooth, nonporous flat surfaces;
-Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss;
-Release valve lever permits quick and complete release;
-Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum.

Product Description

Use the cup on clean, relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces, at temperatures from 10 to 120 Fahrenheit . Moisture or contaminants can reduce the slip resistance of the cup. The red-line indicator may not perform reliably at elevations above 5000 feet.

To Attach
1) Position the hand cup on the contact surface so the red line will be visible if it should appear while lifting the load. CAUTION: Test the cup for staining or deformation of load surfaces with light colors or soft coatings.
2) Pump the plunger until the cup attaches completely. When the red line is hidden, vacuum is sufficient for lifting.
3) Check the plunger frequently to make sure the cup remains securely attached. If the red line appears while lifting, set down the load immediately and pump the plunger until the red line is hidden again.

To Release
1) Set the load on a secure support.
2) Press the valve release lever until the cup disengages completely.

Since aging and wear reduce the capacity of the rubber pad, it should be replaced at least once every 2 years or whenever cuts, slits or other surface damage is discovered. Always inspect vacuum pads before use. Clean vacuum pads and the load surface between each lift. Make sure both surfaces are dry and free of any dirt or obstruction. Make sure plunger has enough lubrication for pump.

Do not use suction cup for climbing nor pull ups!

Damo Diamond Tools, LLC is not responsible for any personal injuries and property damages due to incorrect usage of our products according to our Instructions.

DAMO warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. DAMO does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse.

Only used a handful of times but flawless function and solid grip even at 100 lbs~
These are perfect for pulling window panes in our facility. There are a few places only accessible either by extension ladder or using these to access roof. Great product! Timely shipping and good pricing.
Two allowed me and a friend to easily move and install a series of 8' x 5', 1/4" thick mirrors.
Installed over 20 windows of high quality and extremely heavy. Used two of these per person on the bigger windows and one per person on smaller windows. Obviously always move windows low to ground incase these give out but overall they worked very well.

Ensure the pad is free of dirt and same with window. A dry cloth to wipe is good as don't want any residues left behind. Always check that you have a proper pressure hold before moving windows.

Highly recommend and the price is fantastic.
I bought these for moving a heavy aquarium. I had to move the aquarium twice, with two separate friends. Both times, each friend exclaimed how happy they were that I had these. They make gripping large unwieldy items MUCH easier.
Believe the great comments about this product. Just ordered a $400 aquarium and used this product to grip the cage and it worked perfectly! No slipping and easy to use. Just pump the handle til it can't pump any more and its ready to go. To release, just push the lever on opposite end of pump. Works wonders! Highly recommended!
I'm remodeling my mobile home, and wasnt too concerned about the window installation. Taking out the old windows was no biggey as i didnt care if they broke, but when it came to the new custom made double paned windows, and ironically these "suckers" went on sale, i bought one. thank god for speedy shipping as after i got one, i liked it so much i got one for my wife so she could steady the window while i climbed up the ladder to install. I bought this type as its the type the glass guys i know use and now i see why. I wouldnt waste my money on an iffy product if your dealing with new stuff. If it fails, you'll most likely be looking at glass art. The fact that it has a visual to let you know when you have good suction and a manual release is invaluable. you dont want to be guessing if its got good suction, or be jerkin your unattached window around trying to peel off the suction cup. I was playin with them when i got both with my countertop as it advertised grabbing granite. the countertop was still attached and i pulled as hard as i could. The countertop groaned but the suckers held. BTW Im a bricklayer by trade and am much stronger than your average joe. I wont be buying any more as im sure these will last my lifetime with proper maintenance (if any).
Worked as represented. Used to remove broken thermal pane window and replace with new window. Good value. Red line indicates when vacume is failing.
As a remodeling contractor I need to remove large pieces of Glass and Mirror in the scope of our work. In the past I use to borrow a set of cups from a glass shop to do this. I decided to get my own set and found they were super expensive. I found these Damo cups online and the reviews said they were as good as any out there...well I have found that to be true, these are great cups at a great price.
I bought a pair of these suction grabber's for moving large sheets of etched glass. These panels were $25,000. each, and I was understandably nervous about my reputation, as well as possible reparation, had anything gone wrong. The tool was easy to use, didn't slip, and provided visual affirmation of suction via the colored thumb-pump button. Lightweight and easy to use, had no problem with them.
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