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Dust Shroud

Metal 5-Inch Dust Shroud/Muzzle for Grinders / Concrete Grinding Diamond Cup Wheels

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-Full metal design - sturdy construction;
-A Velcro strip allows for height adjustment and is easy to replace;
-Excellent dust extraction efficiency;
-Max. collar size 1-13/16", please check before buying;
-Weighs 1.1 lbs. only.

The Dust Shroud is designed for use with diamond cup wheels for floor grinding applications. The max. collar size is 1-13/16" which fits most 4" to 5" hand grinders including Makita, Bosch, Dewalt and more. But it does not fit all grinders. Please check your collar size before buying. 

The collar dimension of 1-13/16" is referred to the diameter of the hole on top where it would attach to your angle grinder. In most cases, the screw on dust shroud needs to be adjusted to tighten or loosen the collar before it can be used. Just loosen the lever and then adjust the screw and work it back into place. Once you get it in place, it will stay in place nor require re-tightening during your entire project.

Outside diameter of hose connector is 1-1/4". If it does not fit your shop vac, you can duct-tape them together.

You may purchase separately our Diamond Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel for concrete floor applications. Utilizing the lastest "Multilayer Vacuum Brazed Technology" the cup wheels are super aggressive and long lasting and thus become the top quality in the markets.

Warning: Before installing or disassembling the dust shroud, please make sure the switch for the power tool is in the “OFF” position and the plug is not connected in power.

Might be a great device but I couldn't get it to fit on my Dewalt (DWE4011) angle grinder. The Guard release lever gets in the way. If I depress it the muzzle will go on a little way but it doesn't seat properly and I don't want to force it. I noticed other Dewalt grinders mentioned have the snap-on for removal and placing of the guard.
This thing worked very well! Attached it to a shop vac outside, which drew nearly all the dust out. Also used a box fan to draft the air out the window of the room I was working in to pull out any residual dust, and absolutely no dust settled in adjoining rooms. This shroud is also far more durable than more expensive plastic shrouds. The velcro-attached band also allows for perfect height adjustment.
I purchased this to help control dust while I was removing paint from the basement concrete floor to repair cracks and resurfacing some of the concrete blocks. In addition I was using this with a DEWALT DW4774 4-1/2-Inch Double-Row Diamond-Cup Grinding-Wheel (that is great). Like most things this shroud has pro's and con's.

-has an adjust velcro cowl so that you can set the height
-the bottom of the fabric dust cowl is durable as long as it is not being used on rough surfaces. As with most things fabric it won't last if using it on very rough surfaces
-the metal version is well constructed but light weight
-controls the dust very well (Note this is contingent on the size of your shop vac. I tried this with my 5 gallon portable it worked but filled the bag very, very fast. So I used it with my 16 gallon shop vac.)
-a great price comparing it to similar products

-if this is used frequently, the velcro backing will separate from the housing. You will have to re-glue it. I used it over the course for two months of intermittent use before I had to repair it.
-since the dust cowl at the bottom is fabric you have be aware of the texture of your grinding surface otherwise it will get ate up..

Given the amount of dust being generated by grinding concrete using a double row diamond cup wheel which is a tremendous amount..This shroud works very well. Since I was using this on different surfaces being able to adjust the height of the cowl was very nice. My biggest issue was the strength of the glue used to hold the velcro to the metal, but then I had a lot of grinding to do and factoring in the price this shroud it still a good value..Just go ahead and have some good epoxy on hand in case repair is needed.
I am in the process of putting down laminate and need to grind down a few high spots on my slab. Before using this shroud I grinded with no dust collection and it was an absolute nightmare. Dust was everywhere, in everything.

Using this dust shroud on my Harbor Freight 4-1/2" Heavy Duty Angle Grinder with a diamond cup grinder was a miracle. Virtually no dust. As others have mentioned, it will not capture the dust unless you are grinding on a flat surface, adjust the velcro strap appropriately (I had to readjust every few minutes), and ensure you have proper suction from the shop vac. For my purposes it captured nearly everything and saved me hours of cleanup. Would highly recommend.
Made a connector using PVC that I could slide shop vac hose into and attached it with a plumber's rubber gasket. Once I noticed no dust was escaping - I didn't even have to wear a mask > amazing invention! If your shaving any concrete or mortar indoors - this tool is a MUST!
Well worth the investment! After getting the latch adjustment right it held tight to the grinder. I would say it contains 90% + of the dust . If you can not find a rubber hose adapter , the plastic ones will work with a piece of 11/4 plastic sink drain pipe and tape. Highly recommend the dust shroud.
Wow, I didn't even know they made these...should come with the angle grinder, just makes too much sense. Awesome price too.
This shroud cut down on the dust by 90 percent. It was very easy to install
Item arrived quickly (first day of "arrival window"), item works great but if your vacuum doesn't work don't expect this attachment to magically make the dust disappear - keep up with cleaning out your vacuum! Customer service has been prompt and courteous. I would recommend to a friend.
You.ll need an coupling for the vac adapter, I made one out of pvc but you can get a 1.25 I,ve heard at vaccuum shop but I think a 1.25 mission clamp will work best
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