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5" DAMO Black Buff Pad for Granite Polishing & Glazing/ Final Buffing Pad

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-Picture shows the front and back of a single buff pad, your purchase will only be one black pad;
-Using a unique tech.,Damo buff can produce glazed protection for granite;
-Last step polishing pads to achieve the mirror effect;
-Never use buff pads completely dry;
-Maximum speed 4,000RPM.

DAMO Buff pads are used as the last step if you want to achieve the mirror effect polishing result on granite or other natural stones. Black Buff is for dark stones but is generally OK for light color stones in most cases if you want to give the stones a slightly darker look. We suggest that you test the Black Buff on scrap pieces of material if you think the stone may be too light in color as it may darken the material during the buff process. On Absolute Black Granite, use the Black Buff longer than you normally do on other granites. This will enhance the depth of color and increase the gloss. White Buff is for light color stones.

Never use the Buff pads completely dry without using any water.Wet the workpiece and run the Buff pad semi-wet with very low water for lubrication to generate heat. When the water starts to evaporate, the Buff pad will create friction on the material, which will cause the material to start to heat-up and create the high gloss and color.

DAMO Buff pads should not be used on engineered stone material, or concrete. We recommend using semi-rigid or super flex back holder with Buff pad. The flexibility of the rubber back holder helps the Buff pad to heat-up the material quicker.

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